Yelang AI, "understand" you in the world of 5G

"Artificial intelligence" has gone through 63 years since it was mentioned at the 1956 Dartmouth conference. Today, personalized recommendation based on artificial intelligence technology, face recognition, voice recognition, automatic driving, disease diagnosis, intelligent guidance, intelligent risk control and other related applications are gradually infiltrating all aspects of people's lives.

If the first three industrial revolutions solved the problems of production efficiency and production capacity, then this revolution in artificial intelligence is more about liberating human beings from repeated labor and entering the era of intelligent decision-making. Although AI has surpassed human judgment in many subdivisions, such as face recognition, more subdivisions are still in the blue ocean, such as human-computer interaction.

In the future, with the development of 5G, AI will also undergo earth-shaking changes. In the 5G world, machines will be more intelligent, and they can easily "understand" the instructions that people need to convey with "every move" without language control.

So how to make the machine "read" your "actions and gestures", and intelligent interactive products developed by Ye Lang Intelligence, a black technology company invested by capital investment, can be perfectly realized. Ye Lang is deeply immersed in the field of human-computer interaction. It makes human-computer interaction within reach through intelligent vision, and is committed to let the machine "understand" you in the 5G world!

    Application scenarios. At present, Yelang Intelligence has independently developed a variety of new interaction methods including surface virtualization, free input, somatosensory control, and target perception. Ye Lang Intelligence has launched the Hello X somatosensory touch-sensitive hardware product for the C-end user. The product integrates two functions of human-computer interaction, namely touch screen and somatosensory interaction.

Ye Lang's intelligent R&D team uses "3+1" to define the technology line of Hello X. According to the distance between the user and the display, in terms of the underlying technology, at a long distance, Hello X can recognize the whole body and conduct behavior analysis to control the device; middle distance At the time, Hello X can recognize static gestures or dynamic actions, track and analyze the trajectory to control the device; at close range, Hello X can recognize the fingertips to achieve screen touch. In terms of upper-layer strategies, Hello X uses target awareness and taxi operations to perform unified interaction. Through "3+1" to form an interactive closed loop, a variety of interactive solutions can also cover the area where the user may interact.

At present, Hello X can adapt to any size of display or desktop wall and any smart device, and is generally suitable for any camera.

Core technology, Ye Lang's intelligent R&D team is composed of senior teams with top technologies for intelligent interaction. They believe that the core of human-computer interaction is "no interaction", that is, 80% of the interaction should be left to AI to complete passively, such as turning on the light and opening the door. Waiting for the action, the remaining 20% of the interaction should be ubiquitous. Wave your hand and complete the control with one touch. "In the future, people and machines will merge, people will become mechanized, and machines will become humanized."

The company's self-developed product Hello X will plan to form a "virtual workbench" mode. "You don't need any keyboard and mouse hardware. Users can type directly on the desktop. The desktop is a touchpad and forms a strong interaction area with the screen."

Ye Lang Intelligent hopes to make virtual interaction popular, let humans forget hardware and technology, and integrate technology into all aspects of life.

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