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"Artificial intelligence" has gone 63 years since it was mentioned at the 1956 Dartmouth conference. Today, personalized recommendations based on artificial intelligence technology, face recognition, voice recognition, automatic driving, disease diagnosis, intelligent guidance, intelligent risk control and other related applications are gradually infiltrating all aspects of people's lives.

If the first three industrial revolutions solved the problems of production efficiency and production capacity, then this revolution in artificial intelligence is more about liberating human beings from repeated labor and entering the era of intelligent decision-making. Although AI has surpassed human judgment in many subdivisions, such as face recognition, more subdivisions are still in the blue ocean, such as human-computer interaction.

Recently, Liyunyun (WeChat: ilieyun) interviewed Liu Jiale, the founder of Yelang Intelligence. He said that the subdivision of human-computer interaction based on intelligent vision is still at a relatively preliminary stage. Wave Intelligence can deeply cultivate the field of human-computer interaction and become a pioneer in the industry.

Deep cultivation of human-computer interaction technology

Founded in 2014, Yelang Intelligence is a technology-oriented high-tech startup company dedicated to the research of the next generation of intelligent interaction technology. It makes human-computer interaction accessible through intelligent vision. , Smart home, smart medical, AIoT, etc. provide interactive solutions.

At present, Yelang Intelligence has independently developed a variety of new interaction methods including surface virtualization, free input, somatosensory control, and target perception. Recently, Ye Lang Smart launched the Hello X somatosensory touch-sensitive virtual hardware product for the C-end user.

Liu Jiale introduced to, there are two main directions of human-computer interaction. One is the underlying technology, which uses intelligent vision as the main body, somatosensory control through the camera; the second is the upper layer strategy, which is to control the device through gestures. The self-developed Hello X somatosensory touch by Ye Lang Intelligent can integrate two functions of human-computer interaction, namely touch screen and somatosensory interaction.

Liu Jiale uses "3 + 1" to define the technical line of Hello X. According to the distance between the user and the display, in terms of the underlying technology, at a long distance, Hello X can recognize the whole body and conduct behavior analysis to control the device; at medium distance, Hello X It can recognize static gestures or dynamic actions, track and analyze the trajectory to control the device; at close range, Hello X can recognize the fingertips to achieve screen touch. In terms of upper-layer strategies, Hello X uses target awareness and taxi operations to perform unified interaction. Through "3 + 1" to form an interactive closed loop, a variety of interactive solutions can also cover the area where the user may interact.


Previously, Yelang Intelligence has been deeply immersed in the field of human-computer interaction. Liu Jiale told, Yelang Intelligence mainly provided virtual interaction solutions for B-end customers, including projection, TV, medical, micro-devices and other fields. After the technology accumulation is mature, in order to let more users experience the black technology products, at the same time, hoping to receive more direct user feedback, Yelang Intelligence launched the C-oriented products.

Currently, Hello X can adapt to any size display or desktop wall and any smart device, and is generally suitable for any camera.

The core of human-computer interaction is that no interaction is required

In 2014, Microsoft released a human-computer interaction product, which touched Liu Jiale who is working on Kingsoft. Liu Jiale realized: "We seem to be accustomed to using hardware such as mouse and keyboard to control the device. Few people have proposed to optimize these hardware or even replace it." Liu Jiale believes that neither mouse nor keyboard will be a permanent product and will inevitably There are new interactive ways to replace or use together. Therefore, Liu Jiale believes that human-computer interaction based on machine vision will be a wave of the future. At the end of 2014, Liu Jiale founded Ye Lang Intelligence and began to study the next generation of human-computer interaction solutions.

In Liu Jiale's view, the core of human-computer interaction is "no interaction", that is, 80% of the interaction should be handed over to the AI to complete passively, such as turning on the light and opening the door, and the remaining 20% of the interaction should be everywhere. Wave your hand and complete the control with one touch. "In the future, people and machines will merge, people will become mechanized, and machines will become humanized."

Liu Jiale revealed to that Hello X will plan to form a "virtual workbench" mode. "You don't need any keyboard and mouse hardware. Users can type directly on the desktop. The desktop is a touchpad and forms a strong interaction area with the screen. "At the same time, Liu Jiale plans to provide developers with a free SDK, together giving users more innovative features.

At present, the Yelang Intelligent Team has a total of 10 people. The team members are mainly from universities such as Sun Yat-sen University, Zhejiang University, South China Normal University, and have worked in Gree Group, Jinshan Software, NOK Group, and the well-known enterprises such as Happy Times. The founder, Liu Jiale, worked for Kingsoft, and has developed software for billion-level daily living such as Kingsoft Internet Security, Kingsoft Guardian, etc., and has led several tens of millions of daily-lived products from 0 to 1.

Talking about recent plans, Liu Jiale revealed to that it will launch online channels such as and Tmall and other short video channels in the near future, and plans to launch crowdfunding overseas. At the same time, iterate the new version of HelloX. In the future, Liu Jiale hopes that Yelang Intelligence can make virtual interaction popular, let humans forget hardware and technology, and integrate technology into all aspects of life.

According to, Yelang Intelligence had previously received millions of angel rounds of financing from the capital. At present, Yelang Intelligence is launching a new round of financing. It is expected to raise 10 million yuan. The main purpose of the funds is technology research and development and There are two aspects of marketing.

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