The holographic interaction described by Liu Cixin's "Three Body" has become a reality

The history of computer development is the history of the development of human-computer interaction, experiencing the process of adapting humans to machines to adapting to humans. The future human-computer interaction scene described in Liu Cixin's "Three Body" impressed us so much that the wall and desktop can be directly touched with fingers, and the information window can be directly interacted with air gestures. This sci-fi somatosensory interaction is a product of the development of computer interaction. It relies on AI algorithms and intelligent hardware to make users more immersive and manipulative.

It can be said that the ultimate human-computer interaction is achieved through induction, which mainly represents AI technologies such as living body recognition, motion recognition, voice control, tactile interaction, and scene object reconstruction. Through infrared scanning, radar, thermal sensing, speech semantics, image recognition analysis, object tracking algorithms and spatial physical positioning technology, it can make people better use their actions to issue instructions to machines, reaching the perfect state of man-machine integration .

With the advent of the "intelligent perception era", the interaction between people and technology will undergo a transformational reform, and many things that originally led the trend will retire from the stage of history. Among them, the keyboard and mouse bear the brunt. Not only are they cumbersome, but more importantly, they have been difficult to adapt to the development of the mobile era. The originally proud input speed will gradually be forgotten by daily scenes. The touch screen of the younger generation of tablets and mobile phones is instinctive interaction.

And to replace them, it is related products manufactured based on somatosensory technology. Somatosensory technology is that people can directly use body movements to interact with surrounding devices or environments without using any complicated control equipment, so that people can interact with the content immersively.

Just like this product launched on the Jingdong crowdfunding-Hello X somatosensory touch controller, allows you to perform finger magic on the computer screen and experience the charm of future technology.

This Hello X somatosensory touch controller allows you to control your computer with 3D somatosensory gestures. Simply put, it is a gesture. Let you no longer be limited to the mouse and keyboard, experience the step-by-step operation mode, just like the operation of Iron Man.

Of course, the "somatosensory" mode cannot of course meet all our needs for accessing the Internet, and it is difficult to satisfy you geeks. Hello X somatosensory touch controller, in addition to somatosensory interaction, is also supplemented by touch screen and click interaction. Take into consideration the distance, how comfortable you are.

There is no doubt that the emergence of somatosensory technology provides another experience for our lives, work and entertainment. So what can you do with the Hello X somatosensory touch controller?

Daily operation:



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