5 free fish-style decompression tips, black technology allows you to say goodbye to "996"

Modern young people have been dominated by the "996" work system for a long time, and their physical and psychological conditions have been under strong pressure for a long time. Over time, they will increase the risk of illness. Compared with the monthly income of several thousand, it is really worth the loss. Only by combining work and rest can we easily handle the trivial matters in life.  


Therefore, the editor has organized 5 decompression methods to relax himself in fragmented time.

1. Use fragmented time to read, choose short stories or prose poems, not only can relieve work pressure, but also improve temperament.

2. Organize the housework, the messy room is usually clean after cleaning, it will make you satisfied.

3. Moderate exercise, exercise is really very decompressing. When exercise reaches a certain amount, the "philipeptide" hormone produced in the body is the natural "happiness factor".

4. Sing aloud, sing loudly without disturbing the people, vent your unhappiness, and your pressure will be much less.

5. "Idle fish lying", lying on the sofa can let the brain empty, do some things you want to do, such as playing games and swiping mobile phones, after all, it is most important to please yourself. This somatosensor is the product I use the most when I relax. It is not only a design at home or a game, it is also a good helper.

Since I bought this somatosensory device, I rarely use a mouse and keyboard. To say what it brings to my life, I think it must be the happiness after a busy day. When I first received the body sensor, I thought it was just a plain computer camera. After connecting it to the computer, I broke this view because it completely showed the sense of experience that artificial intelligence should have.  

The somatosensor has both dual operation modes of 3D somatosensory gestures and touch screen. When it is far away, it can be operated by air gestures. Just slide the screen in front of the computer, making you seem to have a new touch screen computer. I usually use somatosensory games to play games, smooth and easy to use, can easily play all kinds of games. Brushing news and web pages while eating, and occasionally looking for creative inspiration is also a great thing.

I remember once used it in the main conference. As a designer focused on execution, I spoke very few times in the conference, so I made full preparations before the conference. Every night I go back to practice with somatosensory devices, and my speech gradually becomes natural and clear. In addition, it cooperates with the body sensor quite well, so the self-confidence performance in this meeting has won a lot of praise. 

The Hello X body sensor seems to be gradually integrated into my life, becoming a good partner at work, making my life full of more fun.

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